Easter Greetings

As we enjoy the Easter break I would like to reinforce the government directions to stay indoors and stay safe. It is going to be very hard to be away from our friends and family, particularly when public holidays are traditionally all about bringing people together, but it is important that we heed advice at this time to protect our NHS and save lives. 

I would like to make you aware that my office is very much 'open for business' and my team are on hand to offer help and advice to you at this difficult time.  In line with government guidelines, staff are working from home but can be contacted through this website www.daniel4shrewsbury.co.uk

My team have been dealing with an unprecedented amount of enquiries from local businesses and individuals and have been helping them in a variety of different ways, such as advising on the most appropriate financial support available; they are putting vulnerable people touch with the fantastic volunteer network who are helping with food deliveries and collecting medicines; they are seeking answers to questions from people who have had delayed operations or are worried about how the government is protecting their loved ones and work colleagues that are providing our critical services. 

if you would like support, require answers to questions and don't know where to turn, or maybe you 'fall between the cracks' and want to know what help is out there for you, go to the 'contact' tab on this website, complete your details and send me an email, one of my team will do their very best to help.