Funding Adult Social Care

Shrewsbury has a disproportionate number of senior citizens compared to the national average.  Shropshire Council face intolerable financial pressure when it comes to funding care for older people and I believe that our government should use its majority to find a fair solution to the problem. Th

£312 million Future Fit Funding

I will continue to meet with ministers and health officials to ensure the reorganisation of Shrewsbury and Telford health services goes ahead.  We have secured £312 million and we now need to ensure that there are no further delays.  

Conservative Environment Network

I have been impressed by the number of young people who have raised concerns about climate change.  I intend becoming much more involved with climate change issues.  I believe that there are exciting opportunities for British businesses which lead the way in green technology.  We need to add valu

Shrewsbury North West Relief Road

The construction of the North West Relief Road in Shrewsbury has been a long standing campaign for me ever since I became a member of Parliament.

Fairer Funding for Shropshire schools

Fairer pupil funding is something I have been fighting for for a long time. It is completely unacceptable that pupils in London can receive over £8,000 per head while pupils in mainly rural areas such as Shropshire receive just over half that.

Improving Mobile Phone & Broadband

In the 21st Century, having fast and reliable means of communication is essential. This is an issue I have been campaigning on for some time now, while there has been significant progress, there is still more to do.