Making the A5 a dual carriageway between Shrewsbury and Chirk

The A5 between Montford Bridge at Montford Bridge and Chirk with the exception of the Nesscliffe bypass, is the only section of single carriageway road between Dover and Holyhead. A road which is used by millions of individuals, families and businesses each year.

Direct Train Service

Expanding and preserving the direct Virgin Trains service between Shrewsbury and London Euston

Preserving the Flaxmill Maltings

My campaign to restore this iconic building, the first multi-story metal framed building in the world, and ensure its future in the regeneration of this whole area. This technology made possible the tall buildings that create the skyline of almost every great city in the world.

Fairer Funding for Shropshire schools

Fairer pupil funding is something I have been fighting for for a long time. It is completely unacceptable that pupils in London can receive over £8,000 per head while pupils in mainly rural areas such as Shropshire receive just over half that.

Shrewsbury North West Relief Road

The construction of the North West Relief Road in Shrewsbury has been a long standing campaign for me ever since I became a member of Parliament.

Improving Mobile Phone & Broadband

In the 21st Century, having fast and reliable means of communication is essential. This is an issue I have been campaigning on for some time now, while there has been significant progress, there is still more to do.