National Campaigns

My aim is to reply to all correspondence from constituents in a timely manner.  When I receive duplicate emails in response to national campaigns, I will ensure that my reply letter is available for all to view on this website.      


Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza - Call for a Ceasefire

The deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza is deeply troubling, I welcome the additional funding that the UK Government has made available to support the Palestinian people at this dreadful time, and the diplomatic efforts the UK is making to ensure that essential aid reaches them.   

Use of Fireworks in the UK

Thank you to the many constituents that have contacted me about fireworks and the impact they have on animals.

Net Zero Strategy Explained

The recent revisions to the net zero strategy have outlined a fairer path to achieve the target of net zero by 2050, and will ease the financial burden on British families. For too many years politicians in government have not been honest about costs and trade-offs.

Management of UK Rivers

Many constituents are writing to me with concern over the management of our rivers.  I would like to give  assurance that my ministerial colleagues and I fully appreciate the importance of our rivers.

Carer's Allowance Explained

My ministerial colleagues and I recognise and appreciate the vital role played by unpaid carers.  Carer’s Allowance is designed to provide a measure of financial support for people who give up the opportunity of full-time employment in order to care for a severely disabled person.