Latest updates from Daniel

Mansel Williams, Councillor for Belle Vue

It is with a sense of sadness I learn that Mansel Williams, the Councillor for Belle Vue, has decided to stand down.  As the MP for Shrewsbury my experience over the last ten years has been nothing but positive of this very hard working and dedicated gentleman.


Future Fit

The Future Fit consultation on the configuration of Shropshire Healthcare services is an important process for not just constituents of Shrewsbury & Atcham, but also the rest of Shropshire and Mid Wales. I am convinced that the best outcome for all these groups would be for the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital to host the Emergency Care Centre. It is vital that the team of clinicians planning how our healthcare services look like in the future make the right choice.

Regarding the Assisted Dying Bill

Over the past month or so, I have received substantial correspondence from concerned constituents about the Assisted Dying Bill which is coming before Parliament for its second reading on 11 September 2015.

I do appreciate the strength of feeling that many constituents will have on this issue, terminal illnesses are very difficult for patients and their families to go through. These cases are truly moving and evoke the highest degree of compassion and emotion.

North West Relief Road

I am of the belief that building the North West relief road put in place in Shrewsbury would be a huge benefit for the people of Shrewsbury. The relief road would lead to reduced congestion, increasing the attractiveness in a town that is economically growing. The proposed road would cut the journey time between the north and the west by two thirds from 19.1 minutes to 6.6 minutes, this would lead to better efficiency for the people of Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

The Refugee Crisis

The Refugee Crisis

Many constituents have written to me recently on the matter of the refugee crisis on Europe's borders. I thought that I would provide an update on my views.

I was deeply moved - and shocked - by some of the images we have seen in the news. The extent of this humanitarian crisis cannot be overstated. 


Dairy Farming

I’m sure we’ve all seen the footage of dairy farmers Nationwide protesting the low sale price of milk via ‘trolley dashes’ this is one of a number issues that face farmers from all over Britain today. In the last month, four farms in the west midlands have closed. This has significant consequences as not only is it a personal tragedy to the farmer, but also it has a massive impact on the local economy which rely on local and small agricultural enterprises to be at the forefront of a thriving community.

The Shropshire Care commissioning group

On Thursday the 13th of August the Shropshire Care Commissioning Group will be making further announcements in regards to the Future Fit Plans for Shropshire’ s Healthcare services. This won’t be a final decision, but further detail. The consultation process in regards to the location of future A&E services will commence soon.

Shrewsbury flower show

Just over two weeks or so now until the start of our famous Shrewsbury Flower Show, an event which attracts around 50,000 visitors annually and I’m sure will continue to be the terrific success it always is. With the loveable TV chef Tom Kerridge demonstrating his cooking skills, The Knights of the Damn performing a jousting competition and the Proclaimers who whilst keen to break up the Union, do I’ll admit know how to entertain along with many more great acts performing I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to it.