High Court Ruling

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 9/11/16**


Daesh (ISIS) and Iraq

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 19/10/2016**

Heathrow Expansion

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 26/10/2016**


I was delighted that yesterday the Government has announced that it is to go ahead with the expansion of Heathrow Airport by building a new North West runway, as recommended by the Airport Commission. This is a long overdue and much needed investment in improving airport capacity in the UK. If we were to do nothing then London flights would be full by 2020, which will mean more delays, fewer flights and passengers having to fly from elsewhere.

Shropshire A&E Future Fit

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 12/10/2016**

As I write I am currently preparing for my Prime Ministers question on Wednesday afternoon, where I will be asking Theresa May a question regarding the reconfiguration of A+E services in Shropshire. After two and a half years, £2 million spent, 300 local GP’s, Surgeons and clinicians involved in the process, they’re finally very close to making a decision.

Tackling the Ivory Trade

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 28/09/2016**

I watched with great interest as Prince William delivered his speech on illegal poaching of ivory to campaigners and policymakers at Time For Change, an event organised by the conservation charity Tusk, of which he is a patron. He spoke with passion stating that he was “not prepared to be part of a generation that lets these iconic species disappear from the wild”.

Digital Economy Bill

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 14/09/2016**


Yesterday in Parliament, we debated the Second Reading of the Government’s Digital Communications Bill. The purpose of the Bill is to enable the building of world-class infrastructure, including faster broadband, better mobile phone coverage and empowering consumers.


North West Relief Road

**Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 07/09/2016**

Parliament returned this week and amongst all the noise regarding Brexit, lay a subject which I feel is of significant importance to the constituency, the North West Relief Road. The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership are coming to Parliament to discuss their submission for funding from the Local Growth Fund and the Large Local Major Schemes funding. Within that submission is the application for funding for the road, which I and many others believe will be of great benefit to the Town.

Copthorne barracks, Shrewsbury

*Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 24/08/2016*

Anglo-French relations

*Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 20/07/2016*

In the aftermath of the tragic event in Nice, it is only right that we unite with our neighbours and offer our unconditional support to help them through this difficult period. At times like these, it is imperative that we recognise the importance of working towards better Anglo-French relations.   


EU Citizens in the UK

*Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 06/07/16*