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Daniel has sat on various Parliamentary Committees since he became an MP in 2005, including the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, which was central to developing his close involvement in farming issues.

He is now a Parliamentary Private Secretary for two Ministers at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Rt Hon Jim Paice MP and Richard Benyon MP.

He was a former member of the International Development Select Committee, as well as having served on William Hague's Shadow Foreign Affairs team in opposition.


all party parliamentary groups

Daniel belongs to various All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) which are groups of MPs (and Lords) who have an interest in particular topics. Many of the APPGs are in connection with particular foreign countries or regions of the world and Daniel is involved with several of these, given that he is a member of the Shadow Foreign Affairs Team and has a strong personal interest in international politics.

Daniel is an office holder in the following APPGs (the official purpose of the Group is given in brackets).

•Libya (chair) (to promote and to understand the culture, history and politics of Libya. To engage in legislature-to-legislature relations with the country)
•Saudi Arabia (chair) (to encourage and develop diplomatic, cultural and social exchanges between the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom with the aim of achieving greater understanding and fostering mutual respect)



All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal groups run by and for MPs and Lords that have no official status within Parliament, but allow a wide range of topics to be addressed by MPs and Lords who are interested. Activities of APPGs include lobbying, research, discussions and dissemination of relevant information.

APPGs must be cross-party and there is a register kept of groups which are recognised by Parliament. The register shows who the officers and key supporting MPs and Peers of each group are, and what support they receive from outside of Parliament.