Shrewsbury railway station set for £11m upgrade

Renovations, repairs and upgrades at Shrewsbury's historic railway station will have cost in excess of £11 million once the work is complete.

Phase one of the canopies over the platforms has already been carried out at a cost of £1.07 million and phase two will cost £1.65 million.

Daniel visits the restoration work at Pitchford Estate

Today, Daniel visited Pitchford Estate to observe the intricate local craftsmanship going into it's restoration. 

This beautiful Shropshire estate will be soon offering vacation and wedding facilities. 

Daniel writes to the Secretary of State for Transport about the A49

Daniel Kawczynski has written to Grant Shapps asking for his assistance on road safety on the busy commuter route.

His letter comes just weeks after two schoolgirls were knocked down by a bus as they walked through Dorrington, near Shrewsbury.