Christmas Greetings

I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful new year.  My offices will be closed from Monday 23 December 2019 and will reopen on Thursday 02 January 2020.   

Support For Adult Social Care

In Shrewsbury we have a disproportionate number of senior citizens compared to the national average.  Shropshire Council is facing intolerable financial pressures when it comes to funding care for older people and I believe the Conservative Party should use its majority in the house to find a fai

A huge thank you to the constituents of Shrewsbury & Atcham

Shrewsbury & Atcham

Parliamentary constituency

Conservative Daniel Kawczynski   31,021

Labour                                             19,804

Liberal Democrat                            5,906

Green                                               1,762

Public Meeting in Longnor is Postponed

Due to Parliament sitting all day on Thursday, the Public Meeting due to take place in Longnor on Thursday 24th October has been postponed.