High Court ruling

The news that the High Court judges have found in favour of the lead claimant, Gina Miller, that the Government cannot invoke article 50 without consulting Parliament was of great interest to me. It is odd that when similar cases were brought to the court to try and let Parliament have a say regarding bringing various EU treaties into law, the judges found in favour of the Government and they were able to install the treaties without consulting Parliament. Yet when we try and effectively repeal these laws Parliament has to vote on it. Consistency would be preferable.

On the other hand, I take some pleasure in the fact that we live in a country where power is so well separated between the Executive and the Judiciary. Whilst I disagree with the verdict I accept and champion the right of individuals such as Ms Miller to bring it to the courts and for the judges to act how they see fit. I understand certain sections of the media and public on twitter have decided to propel diatribe at these individuals, I condemn these unwarranted attacks on our independent judiciary.

Of course the Government is right to complete the appeals process at the Supreme Court, I would think when the judges take another look at the issue they might come to a different verdict. Either way I expect that if Parliament is called to vote on the issue that it would be wholly unwise for Members of Parliament and Peers to act in a manner that goes against the view of the public on the 23rd of June.

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