Shrewsbury North West Relief Road

The construction of the North West Relief Road in Shrewsbury has been a long standing campaign for me ever since became a member of Parliament. Not only will the road unlock large amounts of economic growth for the county bringing with it jobs, it will also improve congestion both in small villages and the Town Centre. Many people in rural villages such as Bomere Heath are understandably unhappy that their village roads are being used as a rat run because of a lack of a North West Relief Road. Last year I persuaded the Government to provide £1 Million in funding to the Local Enterprise Partnership and Shropshire Council so that they could put together the business case for the road. The case will then be presented to the Government where they will then decide which of all the projects from across the country deserves the funding.



Daniel closes in on funding for North West Relief Road

For many years now I have been working to secure the funding for the North West Relief Road. It is clear that as Shrewsbury has expanded there had been a resulting increase in major bottle-necks and delays in our town centre.  Many constituents have told me of their experiences at peak congestion

Response from the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister wrote to me at the end of May in response to my earlier letter to her regarding the North West Relief Road. 


North West Relief Road

Parliament returned this week and amongst all the noise regarding Brexit, lay a subject which I feel is of significant importance to the constituency, the North West Relief Road.