Making the A5 a dual carriageway between Shrewsbury and Chirk

The A5 between Montford Bridge at Montford Bridge and Chirk with the exception of the Nesscliffe bypass, is the only section of single carriageway road between Dover and Holyhead. A road which is used by millions of individuals, families and businesses each year. Ever since I was first elected in 2005 I along with a number of constituents believe that the road is not fit for purpose due to the traffic levels which during bank holidays is sometimes bumper to bumper.

There is also the all-important issue of safety since 1991, there have been more than 1,785 casualties on the A5 north of Shrewsbury up to the Welsh border at Chirk.

At the last count, 1,407 of these were slight, 320 were serious and 58 were fatal. Every single one of these fatalities is a tragedy for the family, friends and our community. Dualling the road would help to reduce the risk of these deaths happening.

If you agree with me that it is time for change I would urge you to sign this petition calling on the Road Minister to make this vital investment in road safety.