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Parliamentary Questions

Iraq: Coalition Against ISIL | Business of the House | Commons debates

Is my hon. Friend saying that we should not support the campaign of the Syrian free forces against the Assad regime, as some Gulf states are urging us to do?

Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa and Security | Bills Presented | Commons debates

The situation in Ukraine has caused considerable consternation and concern among our eastern European NATO partners. I am sure that during his speech my right hon. Friend will reaffirm our...

Sale of Puppies and Kittens | Backbench Business | Commons debates

May I just say for the record that I and my office have received more e-mails and letters on this issue than any other in the past few weeks? I hope that my hon. Friend agrees on the strength of...

Taxation: Switzerland | Treasury | Written Answers

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what extra revenue HM Revenue and Customs has received since entry into force of the UK-Swiss Confederation Taxation Co-operation Agreement; and what...

Gazumping | Business, Innovation and Skills | Written Answers

To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovations and Skills what steps he is taking to encourage estate agents to notify buyers and sellers of the cost guarantee and other options...

Muslim Brotherhood | Cabinet Office | Written Answers

To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office when the review of the Muslim Brotherhood led by Sir John Jenkins will be published.

A5: Shrewsbury | Transport | Written Answers

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what consideration he has given to reclassifying the A5 from Shrewsbury to the M54 so that the M54 runs to Shrewsbury.

[Mr James Gray in the Chair] - Human Rights: Saudi Arabia | Westminster Hall debates

The hon. Gentleman seems to imply that somehow selling Typhoon jets to Saudi Arabia, which obviously provides very important jobs in the United Kingdom, is somehow inappropriate. As a sovereign...