Update from Daniel on Shrewsbury Prison building

“ Ever since the announcement that the Dana was to close, I have been in discussions with the Ministry of Justice, principally to ensure the closure did not result any compulsory redundancies for the staff.

My attention since has been on ensuring that Dana building before it is disposed of by the MoJ, is used for the benefit of my constituents. To this end, I have pressing the Minister on opening up the prison for regular public tours to be taken round it, with any profit being given to a local charity. The Samaratans did a lot of work with the prisoners and prison families, so that was one organisation I’d thought of.

However, in a number of letters and meetings with the Minster, the MoJ have been reluctant, despite my support for the project, to open the prison for such tours to take place. This is owing to the necessary staffing levels needed in the prison during the tours, health and safety liabilities and limited utilities in an old, closed building.

I’m determined regardless of these obstacles, to see these tours come become a reality of the prison, so  Shrewsbury residents can see inside a building that’s been a significant part in our town’s history. The MoJ are nearing completion of a feasibility study on this, and the moment it’s published, I will be pressing the Minister further on allowing these regular tours around the prisons as soon as possible.”