EU Citizens in the UK

*Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 06/07/16*

We are now a week into Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and whilst there is still a sense of uncertainty, I feel that many I meet hold a sense of optimism about the future and the opportunities that await us. However, I was extremely concerned to hear of an increase in the number of reported hate crimes, albeit from a low base. I, therefore, took the opportunity to question the Prime Minister on this issue and gave him a chance to condemn it, which he of course did in the strongest possible terms. It is not British at all and I am pleased that so many people from both within and outside my constituency wrote to me in order to state their discontent at what was occurring.
The discussions that we have with the European Union to agree the arrangements for the UK’s exit will undoubtedly reflect the immense contribution made by EU citizens to our economy, our NHS and our schools, and in so many other ways; we should work to try to secure the interests of the 1.2 million British citizens who live and work elsewhere in the EU. We should seek to guarantee that the rights of both groups are protected. I know many in Shrewsbury have family who are currently working or retired in EU countries and it is in our best interest if we secure their right to stay.

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