Daniel welcomes Shrewsbury sixth form move

Daniel Kawczynski MP has welcomed the news that Shrewsbury Sixth Form is due to take over the Wakeman School building when it closes later this year.

Daniel said:

“This is good news for young people in Shrewsbury and Shropshire who will certainly benefit from the improved facilities that will be offered by Shrewsbury Sixth Form College on this town centre site.    

I debated long and hard in past years on the issue of relocation of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College to the London Road site and am pleased that we were successful in putting a stop to that proposal. 

The acquisition of this site will mean that students will have the educational benefits as well as being in close proximity to all the town’s facilities.  Students have become an integral part of everyday town centre life and I am pleased that they will continue to be so for many years to come.  

I have every confidence that the College Principal, Martin Ward, and his staff will achieve great success with this new venture.

The new deal is subject to approval from the Minister of Education and I will now be writing to him to endorse the proposals'