Anglo-French relations

*Published in the Shrewsbury Chronicle on 20/07/2016*

In the aftermath of the tragic event in Nice, it is only right that we unite with our neighbours and offer our unconditional support to help them through this difficult period. At times like these, it is imperative that we recognise the importance of working towards better Anglo-French relations.   

On a recent trip to the French National Assembly, as a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, I was extremely impressed by the warm welcome we received.  There was a real determination of the French to engage with the UK and to work with us to ensure that we have very productive bilateral relations going forward.  There was also a genuine understanding and respect for the decision made by the people of the UK to leave the European Union. French politicians are very different to the bureaucrats in Brussels. These are politicians who understand the pressures that their UK counterparts are currently under.

Britain and France invest heavily in each other's economies and last year France and its citizens have poured money into the UK, which itself is the third largest inward investor into France. The French politicians I spoke to were patently aware of this and had no interest in damaging their economy out of spite for the decision we made to leave the EU.

Our two countries are very mutually independent on trade, and we want to get back to an entente cordiale, understanding and promoting dialogue.  We are going to be a good neighbour rather that the surly lodger that we have been for the last forty years as a member of the European Union. 

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