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Key Campaigns

This page shows a sample of twelve of the campaigns that Daniel has worked on since he become the MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham in 2005.


Daniel has regarded the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital as his number one priority since he was elected as Member of Parliament in 2005. This started when he talked about the hospital and funding issues during his maiden speech at the House of Commons.

He has campaigned on a wide range of subjects important to the hospital and its patients, including:
•long term under-funding of hospital services
•abolition of car parking charges at the hospital
•a Petition to the Government for improved hospital funding
•cuts to maternity beds in Shrewsbury
•VAT on donations of equipment from the Friends of the RSH
•hospital hygiene and MRSA infections
•mixed sex wards - even where separate bays are used
•better funding and conditions for student nurses and junior doctors

The highest profile undertaking by Daniel for the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital was when he ran the London Marathon in aid of the Friends of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. He completed the 26 mile race and presented the Friends with a cheque for £6,917.13, to support the valuable work they do for patients and their friends and families in Shrewsbury. He also persuaded Tesco to donate an additional £500 to the Friends when they opened their new store in Harlescott.


One of Daniel's 2005 election pledges was the establishment of a direct rail service from Shropshire to London. The service, run by the Wrexham and Shropshire Rail Company started operating in April 2008. Daniel was on the first train to run and he uses the service regularly for commuting from Shrewsbury to Westminster.


Another 2005 election pledge was to promote road safety by improving the roundabout at the junction of the A4 and A49 – locally known as 'Dobbies Island'. Funding was eventually secured and a stop light system was installed, which has been working well, with traffic flowing much more freely, even at peak times, and drivers feeling more secure.


Daniel and Shrewsbury residents, led by local business leader Mr Graham Galliers, campaigned against the introduction of Congestion Charging in Shrewsbury town centre. Plans for a Congestion Charge were finally rejected by Shropshire County Council.

Although Daniel is strongly in favour of measures to reduce congestion and the environmental impact of traffic in the area, he opposed this form of road taxing because of the detrimental effect it would have on businesses in the town centre.


Daniel has worked closely with local farmers and national farming organisations to support farmers and rural communities, including setting up the All Party Parliamentary Group for Dairy Farming. This group has campaigned successfully to increase the price paid to dairy farmers for the milk they produce, thus protecting farming livelihoods that were otherwise under serious threat. He has also campaigned to see local Shropshire and West Midlands milk on sale in local supermarkets and other outlets.

Another issue of concern to dairy farmers has been bovine tuberculosis, which has plagued many areas of the country including parts of Shropshire. Daniel has also been working on this with farmers' organisations, including holding a debate in the House of Commons on the subject.


Daniel has been working to persuade the Government to invest more in flood defences for Shrewsbury and the River Severn, including a possible 'Wet Washlands' scheme to set aside areas of farmland for deliberate flooding.

Daniel has lobbied the Environment Agency to improve water flow by the English and Welsh Bridges in the town centre, to help reduce the flood risk. He also organised a debate in the House of Commons on Flood Prevention on the River Severn.


Daniel campaigned successfully with other local Conservative MPs to stop Home Office proposals to merge the West Mercia Police Authority into a huge West Midlands Police Authority. The Government eventually bowed to police and local residents' pressure and abandoned their plans to force through the merger.


Daniel was at the forefront of campaigning to prevent the closure of small rural primary schools in Shrewsbury & Atcham. He visited the schools that were under threat and lobbied Councillors to oppose the plans by Shropshire County Council. The Council listened to the concerns of parents, staff, pupils and residents and reversed their decision, securing the future for several local schools.


Daniel has been working with town centre Councillors on various ways of improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Shrewsbury. Daniel and the Councillors called for pedestrian crossings to be installed at various danger points in and around the town centre. He has also been campaigning for safer crossing points in rural areas such as Dorrington.

Daniel was delighted to join the Councillors on a visit to the site of the completed traffic crossing on Ellesmere Road, which should make it safer for local residents, in particular pupils at Greenfields Primary School.


Daniel campaigned long and hard to try to keep the Ambulance Control Room in Shrewsbury open, opposing the decision by the West Midlands Ambulance Trust to close the centre in Shropshire in favour of large centralised call centres. This included visiting the Control Room several times, meeting ambulance staff and campaigners and presenting a Petition to Parliament. Although the Government and the Ambulance Trust would not listen and the Control Room has now closed, the campaign continues.


Daniel campaigned to save five Post Offices in the Constituency that were under threat of closure under the Government's programme that was slashing Post Offices up and down the country. He visited each threatened Post Office in person, wrote to all the affected local residents, organised petitions and met with local people, Councillors and representatives of the Post Office. The Post Office were persuaded to adopt solutions to all but one of the threatened Post Offices that were acceptable to the local communities in question.


Daniel has been involved in Shrewsbury's highly successful entries for Britain in Bloom and the European competition the 'Entente Florale'. This has ranged from helping to plant flower beds to translating for the European judges on their visit to judge the Entente Florale, in which Shrewsbury won a Gold Award and the International Challenge in the Communities in Bloom Competition.