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Urban Splash

It was a great pleasure last week to meet with Nathan Cornish, Director at Urban Splash.

Urban Splash are a British Redevelopment firm which has a strong reputation for being involved in highly complex regeneration projects, one being Fort Dunlop which many will know of and drive past on the M6.

Business Rates

When meeting with small and medium size businesses owners the matter of business rates often comes up. Whilst more will need to be done once we bring the national budget back into surplus, this Government has already brought in reform and assistance. The Government remains committed to making longer-term reforms which make the system fairer, more efficient and more responsive to economic circumstances. As part of this process I understand Ministers will continue to review the views of businesses and local authorities on all aspects of the business rates system.

Fight for Sight

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with the Chief Executive of Fight for Sight, Michele Acton at the House of Commons. We discussed the future of eye research and I was able to present a donation raised by one of my constituents Audrey Piggot at her 80th Birthday party. This goes with the £1,000 previously raised for the charity by Audrey when she held a coffee morning in 2012.


Shropshire Mind

Many people in the UK suffer from mental health disorders. It is vitally important that we recognise those that are suffering and make sure that they are diagnosed and receive the right treatment. Following treatment it is also crucial that patients can be properly integrated back into their communities in a safe and fair way to ensure the greatest independence in everyday life.

Flax Mill

Many Shrewsbury residents will understand the historic importance of Ditherington Flaxmill Maltings. They will also, I’m sure, share my frustration that that the site has been left abandoned since the 1980’s.

Pension Freedoms are the right reform

This Government’s Pension reforms are a policy that I am fully in support of. People who have worked hard and saved hard all their lives should be trusted with their own finances. That is why the Chancellor set out to remove the effective requirements to buy an annuity and is giving people greater flexibility in accessing their pensions. Everybody’s circumstances are unique and it should not be for the state to dictate how someone spends their savings.

Government to create a transparent and robust recall mechanism

The Government recently published a Bill to create a transparent and robust recall mechanism, this is a policy I agree with and will mean that constituents are able to recall their MP if they are found to have engaged in serious wrongdoing. Under its provisions MPs will be held to account between elections, but at the same time will not be left vulnerable to attack by those who simply disagree with them.

Public Meeting – Darwin Community Centre, Frankwell

09 September 2014

Public Meeting – Darwin Community Centre, Frankwell

Daniel Kawczynski MP

Chronicle Column Childrens Hospital Services

I fully recognise the importance of hospital services to constituents, and I am acutely aware of how contentious any changes to the status quo can be. However, we must also accept that clinicians are ultimately better placed to advise as to how services are best provided from a medical and life saving perspective.

Daniel Kawczynski MP organises Shrewsbury Jobs Fair - Friday 12 September 2014

In a bid to help the unemployed back into work, Daniel Kawczynski MP is organising a Jobs Fair in Shrewsbury. The event will take place on Friday 12 September 2014 and will provide the opportunity for those looking for a job to come along and meet with prospective employers to discuss potential work opportunities.

Daniel has invited over 40 local businesses to join him at Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury between 10:00am and 2:00pm on Friday 12 September 2014,with many employers having already signed up to support the event.