Latest updates from Daniel

Campaigning for Harlescott youngsters

Daniel and Councillor Mrs Eileen Sandford are busy campaigning for a new playground for the children of the Harlescott area of Shrewsbury.

The NHS is our top priority

Daniel has today sent the following open letter to his Party leader David Cameron. He is calling on Mr Cameron to make sure that the National Health Service is the top priority for the Conservative Party both now and in the next government.

Text of the letter:

Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Leader of the Opposition
House of Commons

Our ref: DK/RJT/DK150807

15th August 2007

Dear David

Re: our National Health Service - top priority for the next Government

Keep St Mary´s Church open

Daniel was recently visited by Mrs Eileen Parry, who is the church booking secretary for St Mary the Virgin church in St Mary's Street, Shrewsbury, to enlist his help in keeping the church and coffee shop open for visitors.

Regional development day a huge success

Daniel is very pleased at the success of the day visit he arranged yesterday for Advantage West Midlands to see around Shrewsbury and find out about the projects that are going on in the area.

In the latest and most comprehensive of a series of visits arranged by Daniel for the regional development agency, the visitors were able to see a selection of completed projects, as well as schemes in progress and plans for future developments.

Stepping up the campaign against Congestion Charging

Daniel is playing a central coordinating role in the ongoing campaign against proposals to bring Congestion Charging to Shrewsbury town centre.

Daniel is meeting with other campaigners on Friday morning, as a protest is being staged before a meeting of Shropshire County Councils, where proposals for a Transport bid are being considered by the County Councillors. The protesters will be calling on the Councillors to throw out any schemes that involve road users being charged to enter Shrewsbury town centre.

Pulling the pints at the Dog in the Lane, Astley, in Proud of Pubs Week

Daniel will be dropping in at his local pub the Dog in the Lane in Astley as publicans across the county celebrate Proud of Pubs Week.

Daniel is one of more than 100 MPs visiting pubs during the national celebration of pubs, organised by The Publican magazine, which runs from July 8th to 15th 2007.

The MP will be seeing for himself the positive contribution that traditional country pub the Dog in the Lane makes in its community, as well as discussing issues with licensees Colin and Susan Evans following the smoking ban.

Dobbies Roundabout Scheme

Daniel is delighted that his campaigning for safety improvements at the Dobbies´ Roundabout - where the A5 meets the A49 near Meole Brace - has finally paid off with work due to start early in the New Year.

Making our roads safer

Daniel is working with local Borough Councillors Dr Maxwell Winchester (Bagley), Stephen Williams and Andrew Wagner (both Castlefields and Quarry) on the important matter of pedestrian safety in and around Shrewsbury.

More organ donors wanted - and a better system

Daniel is calling for improvements to the way organ donors are found in the UK, to stop a repeat of the tragedy which befell Shrewsbury parents Colin and Karen Prior from Monkmoor.

Mr and Mrs Prior lost their two year old son Lewis in April 2004 while he was waiting for an urgent heart transplant, but no donor was found for him. Since then, they have been campaigning to increase the number of donor organs available to children and adults in need of a transplant in the UK.

Backing Shrewsbury Market Hall

Shrewsbury Market Hall is going from strength to strength and its success is not going unnoticed.

'MPs Support Your Markets Week' (18 - 25 June 2007) is an initiative that encourages MPs to take an interest in their local market and provide information to the National Market Traders' Federation on what products and services it provides.

Daniel was thrilled to be involved when contacted by the Market Hall.