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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Royal Shrewsbury Hostpital. I was able to see for myself the high standard of care in the Renal Unit and was also shown around the new Urgent Care centre by Medical Director Edwin Borman and Sister Emily Browne. I can’t praise the Doctors and Nurses enough for all the hard work they do, I believe that the NHS is something to be valued and protected.

My thoughts on HSBC and tax avoidance.

A number of constituents have contacted me with concerns about HSBC and tax avoidance. Therefore, I am willing to share my personal thoughts on the issue.

First of all, conservatives believe in low taxes, but low taxes that are paid.

Shrewsbury Cricket

At the weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Shrewsbury Cricket Club in order to open their new nets, which are an excellent development and cost £44,000 and they will go some way to maintain the high standard that the club plays. At the opening I met the President John Foster who in 1983 was the club captain and won the cup in that year. His eldest son captained the team in 2011 and now his youngest son is the current captain. Such dedication by a single family was extremely impressive to witness and I wish the club luck this season.

Community Pubs

Current permitted development rights allow the change of use from pubs to shops and supermarkets, without the need for a planning application, planning reforms made by the Government already enable local authorities and local communities to remove these permitted development rights when they deem it appropriate and protect local assets.

Democracy Day

The 20th of January 2015 marks the 750th anniversary of the first Parliament of elected representatives at Westminster, the de Montford Parliament. 50 years prior the Magna Carta was sealed by King John, this established that we were all subject to law, providing us all with legal protection from those that seek to infringe our liberties.

Planning System

"Regular readers will be aware of my frustration with the National Planning Policy Framework, the policy governs the Planning system and whilst it was designed with the best of intentions at heart, it's causing small rural communities and our Local Authority great difficulty. The NPPF was originally designed in order to see that two vitally important problems were solved.


Shrewsbury & Atcham motorists will be enjoying the recent reduction in the price of fuel at the pumps and I think we all hope this price drop goes further and continues. For a rural economy such as ours it is a great help to the large number of people that have little option but to drive to work, and let us not forget the help it will also be giving to our farmers. I hope that we see that this leads to cheaper prices in the shops as grocery’s and products become cheaper to transport providing a further boon for the economy.