Latest updates from Daniel

Fair Funding

The previous Government was absolutely right to begin to address the unfair and outdated school funding system that it inherited and has existed for far too long. It was no easy task as it had to take place at a time when budgets across the board were being reigned in, and rightly so. We were, as we all know, in a frightful financial mess in 2010.


As the MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham I am pleased that the Government, along with Shropshire Council and BT have all worked together to secure investment in broadband infrastructure in Shropshire.

Broadband and reelected

It’s good to be back in Parliament and be returned as the Member for Shrewsbury and Atcham. The atmosphere is certainly different from what it was when we left here in March. My party and I have much to do in order to put our manifesto into action, something we have a clear mandate for, regardless of what those anti-democracy protestors, who desecrated our memorial on Whitehall to the women of WWII think.

King Shropshire light infantry

I have received both letters and emails from constituents about their visits to the new King Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) monument that was unveiled in May, at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire. It was built thanks to £50,000 worth of donations from the people of Shropshire, and finally lays in stone the recognition we all hold for a regiment that gave so much during 193 years of existence.

The importance of the National Health Service

I have received a vast number of campaign emails asking for my perspective on the NHS. It’s of course a fair enquiry, the NHS is an institution that Britain should never take for granted. I am keen to assert the that I am in full support of a free NHS at the point of use.

Fisical Stength Budget

No matter which way you look at it, a strong economy matters, as does sound fiscal discipline and a balanced budget. Only with this as our base can we go on to have the good public services that we so desire. This is particularly true when it comes to Defence. Protecting the nation is the first duty of Government, but if politicians decide to be proliferate with their spending they will put the country in long term danger, by forcing future Governments to reduce spending in order to balance the books. That goes for the NHS as well.

Export Competition in Shrewsbury

Regular readers will know that I have a passion for encouraging exports and in particular those from firms in my constituency. I am therefore launching a competition to identify Shrewsbury & Atcham’s best export, which will be showcased alongside the best exports of other parliamentary constituencies as part of the Exported by Britain Campaign.



Regarding myths about the TTIP agreement

A number of my constituents are concerned about the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) EU-US trade agreement.


With the average age of the British public steadily increasing, the charities and future Governments of Britain need to work towards better healthcare for both preventing and treating those with Alzheimer’s. A number of constituents have invited me to an Alzheimer’s society event in Parliament on the 17th of March, an offer I couldn’t help but accept both due to the importance of the cause and the fact that the Alzheimer’s Society does a considerable amount of work to support dementia sufferers and their families in our constituency and across the country.


The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all promised increases in power to Holyrood during the Scottish referendum. However it was only David Cameron that has offered a similar transfer of powers to the English. For too long the English have been ignored and left out of devolution, to the point where it has become far from fair, finding ourselves in a situation in which English MP’s cannot vote on devolved issues in Scotland, yet Scottish MPs can vote on legislation that only affects English constituencies.