Latest updates from Daniel

The importance of the National Health Service

I have received a vast number of campaign emails asking for my perspective on the NHS. It’s of course a fair enquiry, the NHS is an institution that Britain should never take for granted. I am keen to assert the that I am in full support of a free NHS at the point of use.

Regarding myths about the TTIP agreement

A number of my constituents are concerned about the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) EU-US trade agreement.

My thoughts on HSBC and tax avoidance.

A number of constituents have contacted me with concerns about HSBC and tax avoidance. Therefore, I am willing to share my personal thoughts on the issue.

First of all, conservatives believe in low taxes, but low taxes that are paid.

Community Pubs

Current permitted development rights allow the change of use from pubs to shops and supermarkets, without the need for a planning application, planning reforms made by the Government already enable local authorities and local communities to remove these permitted development rights when they deem it appropriate and protect local assets.

Democracy Day

The 20th of January 2015 marks the 750th anniversary of the first Parliament of elected representatives at Westminster, the de Montford Parliament. 50 years prior the Magna Carta was sealed by King John, this established that we were all subject to law, providing us all with legal protection from those that seek to infringe our liberties.